Khloé Kardashian Unveils Her Son’s Full Face for the First Time

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By Suhasini Oswal

Khloé Kardashian has showed her son’s whole face for the first time after sharing only glimpses of him for a year — and according to his grandma Kris Jenner, the little one has a familiar doppelgänger.

Khloé allowed the cameras (and thus the public) to see little Tatum’s complete face on Thursday’s episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians when he returned after a walk with his father, Tristan Thompson. In the video, Kardashian cheerfully greeted her second child with a “Hi chunk!” and a smile as the pair entered a hangout with Kris and Kim Kardashian at her home.

“He’s in the sticking-out-the-tongue stage.” “He’s a good spitter, Kim,” Khloé observed, to which Kris responded, “That looks exactly like Robert when he was born.” It’s the most bizarre thing.”

This isn’t the first time one of the Kardashian-Jenners has compared Tatum to Jenner’s only son, Rob Kardashian. Kris brought up the comparison again earlier in the season when speaking with Kim.

“Don’t you think he looks like Rob?,” the mother inquired, adding, “He is so perfect.”

“He’s actually Rob’s twin,” Kim said in the episode.


The Kardashians moment comes only a week after Khloé revealed her present connection with her brother while assisting him in planning Dream’s sixth birthday party.

“Rob does an amazing job with her, and I’m just there to help whenever he needs it.” “Rob and I have always been crazy close,” she admitted in a confessional. “He’s literally the best father I know, and I’m so proud of him.” I’m sure he’s just feeling good about himself, and I’m delighted for him. I’m confident he’ll return to the show soon.”